Monday, 28 January 2013

Yellow floral

I have fallen in love with, the retro caravan feel, yellow floral that feels kinda faded like it's lost its colour. It's a really fun print to play with, and in almost every case it looks super cute. Sunshine yellow/mustard were popular colours in the sixties, so thats why they have such a retro feel.

Look 7
I can't get enough, even Stella McCartney has brought this retro floral print to her Sping 2013 collection.

Kk, Ciao, Rani Apple x

Sunday, 27 January 2013


Maths to me is a very boring lesson with a moaning snake print shirt and long skirted teacher it is not fun. But maths has appeared in fashion obviously it's always been there but its alot more noticable!

It pops out! Makes your eyes go alittle crazy. I love the funky geometric patterns. Eley Kishimoto has always been all for optical illusions and mathmatical designs. Think twice when you say you hate maths.
Ciao, Rani Apple x

Saturday, 26 January 2013

12 Most Loved Pieces of Jewellery

Hey my lovely peoples! Well this post is inspired by the fabulous Victoire Cointy's blog post which is linked here! Make sure you check it out! :) I know I have less than twelve photos but there are twelve pieces of as Bryanboy says it "joowwrryy". Shall we begin?

Okay first are my moustache/mustache double ring and bracelet I love them just because. They make an outfit a little bit more unusual.
Next are three pendants, a locket from my grandparents, a polar bear from my aunt and a fairy I got when I was 2/3ish with a topaz gem.
Next a shamballa style friendship bracelet all five of us in 'the squad' have one :)
Next my ballerina crystal I love dancing so  has significance t me this was a present from another aunt. ;)
Now the charm bracelets one was a ready made charm bracelet (a present) the other one I bought and my auntie attached the charms for me.
Zebra brooch this was just a car boot find I love animals and think it's very cute.
Last are my watches, I mean how are we supposed to tell the time without a watch? ;)
If you are going to do a response to this it would be nice if you linked to my post and Dream In Monochrome Motion, thank you x
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Friday, 25 January 2013


I love Wednesday Addams! I love the black gothic vibe. I love her cute collar sticking out of her black cardie. But at the same time I like the pastels in the other girls. And also the houses in Edward Scissorhands. I love the contrast of the dark and dismal and the bright pastels in both of these films. I'm sorry about the photos I know it annoys some people to see the moving all at once but I may be 'slightly' obsessed with tumblr. Yay for my first vibezy-meh blog. ;D If the colours are brighter and more of a thing then it makes the black have a bigger impact and stand out. My tumblr will soon be linked on mir Kontact which is the contact page :) I also now have Pinterest.
Ciao, Rani Apple x

Thursday, 24 January 2013


I'd just like to say Thank you, Merci, Danke to all my wonderful readers. I have reached over 600 hundred views! I know thats not even as many children at my school and there are wayyy more people on the internet but I still feel loved. So I thank you for that. I think most bloggers try to imagine what sort of readers they have. Kind of picture them.I hope my readers, well you, don't ever forget to daydream because if you don't dare to daydream you will get all how will you get a dream to reach towards and achieve ;) So to celebrate :), I might have a redesign instead of a silly sample. :P
P.S. If you would like to share your blog with me comment anywhere or e-mail me I would love to check it out <3 x
                      Ciao Rani Apple x                               

Sunday, 20 January 2013


I recently discovered this super cute Japanese magazine, called Jelly, full of photo shoots, tutorials and new trends. I just love it but cannot find a way to order them without it being quite pricey. Hopefully there is away of getting a subscription to the U.K or anywhere else. So I will let you know when I can get it in print and paper ;).

I know there not still trending but I can't get over how cute clear clutches are. So, I made my own. They look cute with or without a colourful purse inside.                                
You will need:
  •  An A5 Clear storage container
  • A cute/vintage drawer handle
  • A power drill
  • A spacer/washer
  • Craft knife/Scissors
  1. First Mark out on edge of inner box where the handle will be!
  2. While keeping box steady and fingers WELL away carefully drill the hole through. DON'T go too fast or it will cause the plastic to shatter.
  3. Next screw in the knob :/ Dirty minded! With the spacer inbertween.
  4. Once fastened mark out onto outer box a slot for knob to slide over.
  5. Again carefully, cut out the slot. The spacer means it is easier for outer box to slot under-neath the handle.
Does that make sense? RECAP! Mark where you will drill.Then carefully drill hole. Next fasten the knob. Mark and cut the slot onto the outer box. Voila! That recap was more for me than you 'cos obviously your more clever that me. XP
Ciao for now, Rani Apple x


Sunday, 13 January 2013


The other day my little brother was watching Jedward's big adventure and I couldn't help but notice their funky blazers. I searched all over trying to find who designed them (I still have no idea).
So I decided to make my own ;)

What you will need:

  • Old/cheap Plain hoodie
  • Spray Paints
  • Spray Glue
  • Grease Proof Paper
  • Aired/Open Space
  • Craft Knife
  • *Optional* Fabric Pens

First you will need to make a rough design. If text like mine decide on font. I chose military. Trace over the letters at size wished or print out onto paper.  
Once traced carefully cut out with craft knife, maybe ask an adult to help.
I also wanted a boom box for that urban feel. I decided to have that underneath the text. So lightly spray the glue onto back of base template and smooth out onto hoodie. Lightly spray across template and leave to dry. REMEMBER YOU CAN ALWAYS ADD AN EXTRA COAT BUT CAN'T REMOVE ONE.Make sure the first design is dry before painting the next. For the second layer you may not need as much glue because to jumper may still be tacky from the previous lot of glue.
Don't worry if the paint drips a bit it will give it a bit extra and look more graffiti like. On my second layer I went over a bit with a brush to thicken up my lettering and to make bolder. Here is my finished product for now I may add a bit more to it. Like go round the lettering with a thin red brush with a dark red which from this picture you can see I have already started a little.
I hope it works out for you. Maybe you could post or e-mail some of your graffiti hoodies.

Nail Art

I also came up with a graffiti nail art tutorial inspired by some other nail artist. I'm not the best at nail art but practise makes perfect, right? ;D

What you will need:

  • Pale colour nail varnish,
  • A dot and flick pen or a really thin paint brush,
  • Clear Top Coat
  • And a nail art paint.
  • *Optional* crackle paint

First choose the style of graffiti writing you are going to use. This is the one I chose good for a beginner.What is your text going to read? Mine read 'funky'. Paint about 3/4 of the nail roughly, starting at the tip.

Write out your word as f * u * n * k * y. The * is where you will be doing a pattern such as an arrow, a dripping love heart, paw print, splatter or even just crackle paint. For your first letter do it quite thick with the nail art paint.
 Then carefully go in the inside with the pen trying to keep a neat border but don't stress too much, is street art always really neat? On each of the * spaces I did a different pattern.

Here are some graffiti style jeggins at £19.00 used to be £35.00, $33.42 was $61.57 River Island. Also some cute Banksy Products @ Clintons.

I hope you liked my DIY post x Ciao, Rani Apple x


Thursday, 10 January 2013

Would you like some tea?

I love looking back at the heritage of Britain/England and the patterns such as dogtooth and tweed. But working it with a funky, big and bold print, modern twist it's been done before but it's a classic.

1. £11.50 was £22.00, $20.23 was $38.70-Dogtooth check dress River Island                                   
2.£28.00 was £65.00, $49.25 was $114.34-Brogues ASOS
3.£9.50 was £16.00, $16.42 was $28.41-Skater Skirt ASOS
4.£8.00 was £10.00, $16.00 was $20.00-Heritage Leggins
5. £10.50 was £35.00, $18.47 was $61.57-Full Skirt ASOS
6.£12.00 was £14.00,$24.00 was $28.00-Tweed Fur Trim Hat :
7.£12.00 was £40.00, $21.11 was $70.36 also available in pink and white-Dogtooth Skinny's River Island
Ciao, Rani Apple x

Sunday, 6 January 2013

What do you want?

To a certain extent the audience should decide what is on a blog. So you could have a say in what could come up in upcoming posts. Simply select the one you want and enter. Even if you are just a visitor. Click to do Poll

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Panto Inspiration

Panto!!! YAY! It's behind you!

Yes I know it's a little late but me and my family usually go at the end of the holidays to round it off. I love how eccentric the dames outfits are and how the patterns mix with the jester/joker character. And the over the top, baddie always with abit of glitz and glam.
Spots and Stripes, Baggy

Friday, 4 January 2013

Diy x Vintage

I love the nostalgia of flea-markets and antique stores you never know what you might find in the heaps of stuff. Pieces of history right before your eyes and are sometimes very good as cute retro decor.If you go upstairs in my local antique store there are rooms and rooms of vintage clothing from all kinds of trends. Some of these don't cost so much yet are still beautiful. That's what really bugs me people thinking or saying that you need a lot of money to have style or nice clothes which is completely incorrect. My little black dress was £1 from a charity shop but that doesn't mean it's not stylish at all! You could have loads of money but have NOO style whatsoever. Sorry for rambling. It just ... grrr! At this time of year you can usually buy some cute vintage xmas decorations which look really cute with a group of other random ones around the house x
I don't know if any of you have a journal but if you do you, you probably understand what I mean by the juicy parts inside. The real emotional bits, the opinionated truthful you. Well I want to release that kind of me obviously not things like "so so is a cow" but the opinions. I don't want to be as shy as I am, just nodding my head, but asking myself if I actually agree. Your probably thinking 'why on Earth does this girl have a blog !!' Well it is a place where I can say the truth and not just say something  just so I don't get a bitchy response.
Ciao Rani Apple x

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Gold Fish Glasses

I dont know the proper name but you can have my nickname for them. I love the cute curves and roundness of them. They have a vintage modern vibe,with their a retro oval shape.
I spent all day around town and the market and charity shops and I couldn't find a single pair :'C So for those of you wanting a cheap pair I would look at flea-markets,charity shops,thrift stores and maybe even antique shops.There are non of this particular style available and the high street shops until nearer the sunny days.
     Comments or Feedback Is Always helpful.I mean what do I know ABOUT BLOGGING?
                                   Ciao Rani Apple x

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

What I'm Wearing: Skirt and shirt

Here is an outfit I put together based on the last post. Cringgggeee! Unfortunately the exact outfit is no longer available so here is a nearest I could find.The shirt I am wearing is a size ten,British sizes, for extra 'baggy'ness. So, maybe buy a size or two bigger than you normally wear for a baggy fit.  Papaya Plaid Shirt  Claire's Tutu They aren't exacts but are the same style as in the images

Ciao Rani Apple x