Thursday, 21 February 2013

A little less boring

Yo, ok so I scroll down and there are posts like Maths, Yellow floral and jowwwrrry but the you scroll up and lectures meh meh boring I know it's my blog and all but yeah if this wasn't my place I prob wouldn't read them, skim read them at the most so I dunno, I want to make my posts more inspired not just for the sake of posting. Maybe it's the depressing weather killing my buzz or well I dunno. :P

Blue Lips

I found this song by Regina Spektor while searching, tumbling and repinning. I could listen to it all day. I wouldn't say it's the happiest of songs but it is still beautiful. I like pretty, glossy, darkish blue lips they look unusual and futuristic, the colour of our planet far, far away. :)

Barry M
Hot Topic
Ciao, Me wuves youu, Rani Apple x