Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Childish Ways

I really like retro kiddie toys and they seem to be starting to clutter up my shelves, YAY!
I went to brick lane the other day and I bought two care friends on the market. So here is a collection of pictures from my blog that have a childish sort of vibe. You can see the rest of the pictures I blog or mainly reblog on my tumblr http://rani-apple.tumblr.com/.
And I have mainly been reblogging Magic Buffet and she is awesome :3
So yah here's the pictures :)

Care bear-£3.30 Old Navy
Fish Bag-£26.55 Etsy
White dress-£20 New Look
Power Puff-£12 Animation Shops
Floral Jumper-£10 Etsy SOLD OUT :(
Barbie Bag-£17 Etsy I actually still have this bag from when I was little.
I hope you liked the pictures feel free to reblog ;)

Ciao, Rani Apple xxxxxxxx MWAH!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

tumble, tumble: groovy

So I've really been loving tumblr recently like kinda alot :) And I've set up a blog for pictures.Lizzie gave all of our friends a different notebook each for christmas and I think the plan is to see what we have done to it throughout the year.I have been inspired by alot of pop-art collages, art journals and scrap book pages. I also have a lot of posters or advertisements from between 1945-1967. So basically I hope you like the pictures :)

My tumblr is http://rani-apple.tumblr.com/ I know I promised a while ago but I forgot, soz!
Clog Princess has a really cool art journal :)
Ciao, Rani Apple x

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

What I'm wearing: Dagger to the heart

Yay as promised here is a what I'm wearing post, before I start thanks to my little brother for his photos x. The other day I was in town and it randomly started to chuck it down with rain. So we ran into the first shop we could see which was a heart foundation we looked in the kids for a rain coat, I know I'm stupid why didn't you take a coat you do live in unpredictable Britain, anyway the only one they had was for a newborn so I looked in the women's and my dad pointed out this cute orange and turquoise diesel jacket so we bought it :) They are nice vibrant colours for the spring and summer. I thought it would look nice with darker colours to make it stand out a little more. A few years ago my dad gave me one of his retro punky v-top it was in my drawers for a few years because it didn't fit me. I paired it up with my plain black skater skirt which I loveee because it will go with practically anything. The waist band is quite wide so I am wearing it rested on my hips. I left my legs bare to get a little bit of sun,which once again was unsuccessful. So here are the photos I look like a bit of a mug but never mind ;). Unfortunately I couldn't match my top because it was bought from Carnaby street a long time ago ;)

dagger in the heart

1.£13 boohoo
2.£7 f&f Tesco
3.£30 Reasonclothing.com
4.£10 boohoo
5.£18 boohoo
6.£15 fashionunion.com
7.£17 new look
Thank you for reading.
Ciao, Rani Apple x