Friday, 21 November 2014

Ugh, gtg

Recently I've been having a sort of 90s/00s teen sorta vibe. 'Locking myself away in my room and calling my friends and making costly bills that irritate my parents but doing it anyway. Rebellion with no real justified cause, and just being a stroppy, angsty teen. Trying to hold on to the few last bits of my childhood before I have to grow and mature. Having a picture of my crush from the year book lodged in my mirror. And for some reason dreaming they are doing the same. Then at sleepovers all of my friends confirming for me that they looked over at me in chemistry.' I love the funky hair dos with hair bobbles in odd places. The vest tops that for some reason your stomach seems to poke out of -almost as if on purpose ;) But last and not least I love the the dance music :3
These photos are taken by my 12 year old brother near my grandparents-he only took them so he could go on disco zoo- so no offence to him but aren't the best quality :P

p.s there were more but i cant find them on this computer so i may update this when found :)

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

hair and life

rani here obviously, my hair is cut yay.. and I was supposed to be dying my hair today but my matme is a nincompoop and doesnt turn her phone on like a normal person so i cannot get hold of her.
so I've basically had a nothing day..filled with pressing the arrow key and sitting infront of the computer so been a pretty tough workout! I also have two french plaits in my hair! Also I'm making my summer journal into a zine which may or may not be on etsy, I'll let ya know at the end of summer. So yah thats it really peace.
oh and i have a couple of posts which will be up soon x

Saturday, 7 June 2014


are you tired of following everyone else yet
the dog constantly at your heel
pushing you this way until the next
being told how you should have your do
do you remember being a lamb?
free and uncontrollable doing as you please

of course you don't
who are you now?
you've forgotten how you even lived 
society tells you how to act
you just agree
never questioning
just going along


Sunday, 27 April 2014

stupid rules

hello there groovy munchkins
a while back i said about having my hair dyed but due to stupid ass school rules we are only allowed natural hair colours (not including blonde, white or grey) because we need to be used to this for when we are in a place of work blah blah pathetic excuses. Soon im gonna have my hair cut pretty short for  hair donating so when i do i am going to dye it 'a natural colour' (orange) and go to school with a bunch of cute clips and stuff.I understand you might say that rules are there to be broken which some of we do, no badges on uniform,no hair accesories,no nail varnish etc, but unfortunatly they are putting students in isolation for non-uniform hair.I'll save dying my hair bluey-purple for the summer.
I havent really been on tumblr recently so there isnt much new going on there,and i forgot my password to my twitter. So i'm being pretty ghostly and even more anti-social than usual. Last week i went to belgium with school but didnt really take many photos because we mainly went to memorials and graveyards so i thought it would be disrespectful. 
I guess i dont write what many people want to read anymore not that i care tbh but i lost a lot of readers when i stopped writing lame trend crap haha lel. Maybe i will loose more readers when they see this picture of me and my rat- Felicity

I'm wanting my hair to be at about my jaw-line. Okay cya bbes xoxo

Friday, 28 March 2014

A smell so purdy

Long time no talk. Obviously I am a year older because I started my blog January last year I just forgot to change it from 13-14. It doesn't really feel like a year has passed. It's a bit late but I'm going to tell you a few of my resolutions, try to stay positive, learn to love myself, because last year I was crying myself to sleep at night but I pushed myself to make new friends which turned out great ;). I am going to try to be a lot healthier eat more raw fruit and veg :)
At the beginning of this year I bought my first lush bath bomb
-space girl- which smelt absolutely divine but for ages it just sat on my mantelpiece looking pretty amongst my kiddie junk.
When I had it in my bath it was an explosion of colour and aromas. Anyways here is a set of photos ;) I also recently uploaded an old draft that I felt uncomfortable about uploading at the time Your vibe is ummm nice?
Lily Cole in “So Poetic” By Miles Aldridge For Vogue Italia, August 2006



Buried diamond



 Random overdue post ik but idc...
Rani peeps x