Sunday, 30 June 2013

ugh, okie dokie then

Gross, Poofy eyes
Hey, I've been ill this past week feeling gross and shi stuff. I haven't really had much on my mind mainly dreams or a headache. So basically have not put any planning whatsoever in to this post so it may bore your braincells. Uhm while I have been off I have been watching loads of old movies on netflix. I watched almost 2 series of a show in two days.... and when I am in the other room and someone is watching tv it sounds like they are watching MY show :0. Talk about having problems. This groovy picture is by this cool chick  its quite the cat's pajamas :D. 

Since it's been a while I'm just gonna do an update on whats happening in my life. I got some cute little platform brogues in baby pink. that's my life.I'm joking but I don't really know what else is interesting.But a film I loved was drop dead fred, which is a film made in the late eighties or early nighties about a imaginary friend and a naughty little girl who grows up but needs her imaginary friend again. He calls the character Elizabeth, snot face.
I love the poofy sleeves, florals and her hair. I love the 80s/90s vibe and the old-school special effects when fred is being flung through the air.
Kk, love ya, Rani Apple x

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Jelly Fish

During the holidays I went to Horniman museum. Which made me feel quite ill with the pickled animals. Gross anyways we went down to the aquarium and I saw the jelly fish which were beautiful and looked asif they were lace. Which is everywhere for the summer.
I have always loved the delicateness of lace since I was very little.
I really like the cropped lace tops, sometimes with a bright top underneath. Also are really great to wear to the beach over your bikini and matching the beach theme in a pale coral pink or a sandy yellow in a scallop lace ;). Bralets are sweet in lace too.

Jelly Fish
1.Topshop I really love this vest so cute.
2.TkMaxx This girl I now keeps going on about this top, I'm not sure
3.New Look
5.Topshop eugh x
7.Topshop the same as one but in coral
9.Boohoo Skater, ombre lace oh my days
A song I love at the minute, I randomly found this on sound cloud. Its by this lady called Soko its called first love never dies. So yah thats all for now x Maybe I will post the sketch book page soon x

Ciao for mo, Rani Apple x

Saturday, 1 June 2013

What I'm wearing: Army gal

I hope you guys at school have had a nice half-term. I have had a really great time with each day crammed full of things. I have also done a scrapbook page every day in my sketch book.
// I really love the colours of army uniform and camouflage. Khaki shirts, jackets and khaki sweaters I love them all. On Thursday I went to Roman Road and there was plenty of khaki shirts and I just had to get one :3. I also got a cute bleached denim bow. My shirt is from C&A which is no longer in the UK but might be in your country. ;)
Numbero uno-£12.99 New Look
2-£9.99 New Look
3-£14.99 New Look
4-£42.00 Topshop
5-£34.00 Topshop
6-£60.00 Topshop :0
7-£8.99 New Look
DISCLAIMER- I've never really said this but don't feel you have to buy any of the things x I don't want you to feel pressured into buying anything I mention on my blog ;)
An' here's a weird gross picture of me!

So yah :)

Okkie-dokie that's all for now x
Ciao, Rani Apple x