Friday, 21 November 2014

Ugh, gtg

Recently I've been having a sort of 90s/00s teen sorta vibe. 'Locking myself away in my room and calling my friends and making costly bills that irritate my parents but doing it anyway. Rebellion with no real justified cause, and just being a stroppy, angsty teen. Trying to hold on to the few last bits of my childhood before I have to grow and mature. Having a picture of my crush from the year book lodged in my mirror. And for some reason dreaming they are doing the same. Then at sleepovers all of my friends confirming for me that they looked over at me in chemistry.' I love the funky hair dos with hair bobbles in odd places. The vest tops that for some reason your stomach seems to poke out of -almost as if on purpose ;) But last and not least I love the the dance music :3
These photos are taken by my 12 year old brother near my grandparents-he only took them so he could go on disco zoo- so no offence to him but aren't the best quality :P

p.s there were more but i cant find them on this computer so i may update this when found :)

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