Sunday, 27 April 2014

stupid rules

hello there groovy munchkins
a while back i said about having my hair dyed but due to stupid ass school rules we are only allowed natural hair colours (not including blonde, white or grey) because we need to be used to this for when we are in a place of work blah blah pathetic excuses. Soon im gonna have my hair cut pretty short for  hair donating so when i do i am going to dye it 'a natural colour' (orange) and go to school with a bunch of cute clips and stuff.I understand you might say that rules are there to be broken which some of we do, no badges on uniform,no hair accesories,no nail varnish etc, but unfortunatly they are putting students in isolation for non-uniform hair.I'll save dying my hair bluey-purple for the summer.
I havent really been on tumblr recently so there isnt much new going on there,and i forgot my password to my twitter. So i'm being pretty ghostly and even more anti-social than usual. Last week i went to belgium with school but didnt really take many photos because we mainly went to memorials and graveyards so i thought it would be disrespectful. 
I guess i dont write what many people want to read anymore not that i care tbh but i lost a lot of readers when i stopped writing lame trend crap haha lel. Maybe i will loose more readers when they see this picture of me and my rat- Felicity

I'm wanting my hair to be at about my jaw-line. Okay cya bbes xoxo

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