Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Your vibe is ummm nice?

At times I can be cute, girly and perky but the thing is I can change just by a few words someone says to me. Sometimes I can be bothered to brush my hair like 100 times but other times I don't even care and shove it into an unintended messy bun :). I guess when you put that altogether you get my weirdness and strange personality. I can't say that I always make the right decisions when choosing friends. And with previous friends I'm the one sobbing at the end of the day, I think I try to change myself too much so that people will like me. But recently after a big fall out with my 'lovely friends' I persuaded to be gone with these girls and find some new ones who actually understand me. I love my friends now :) we are such an adorable weird diverse group of girls. Being with these girls has made me feel a lot happier inside and more comfortable at school and being myself. So basically the boring moral of this story is that you should all try to have at least one good friend I know it can be really hard and feels uncomfortable interrupting their circle, I mean obviously I'm not an expert but I've been there. But give it a go ask if you can sit with them? And don't be afraid to be yourself, your originality makes you special. You can e-mail if you want advice or just a cute chat :)Don't be a sheep copying everyone else if there is a trend you like you don't have to be drastic and chuck out your whole wardrobe, incorporate it into your style give it your own special twist, besides some trends could last as little as a few days or a week.So don't spend a f
ortune on one trend.

no make-up
no filter

Ciao Rani Apple xx

Friday, 19 July 2013


Hey, hey, hey
I've broken up now to get this summer started, I know a few of you might not have broken up from school yet. BUT SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER, SCHOOLS OUT FOR EV... well maybe not forever but it feels like it. Next year I'm a year nine OoOoOOOoo, so yeah and as they keep reminding us we have to be maturer next year and take things seriously... yeah right! Yesterday our school went to Alton Towers and me and my mates had a great time we went on 6 rides altogether but I knew others who only went on one. Unfortunately there was a massive crash on the road towards it and we were stuck on a boiling double decker bus for like half an hour.
I'm glad it's summer because I really can't be bothered with school and reading back on some of these post I hide back part of myself,so maybe you will see a bit more of the real me. I wanna do as much as I can this summer, I wanna be creative and expressive and write some songs, make a short movie, ect. Hopefully this weekend I am going to Scotland to visit my best friend for her birthday. So I will take as many pictures as I can of us and the beautiful scenery. I am going to try and do as much snail-mailing as I can this year. I have a parcel on the way from my pen pal Evelyn who lives in China and I might to a feature on that. x I might be doing something to my hair tomorrow, I'm not completely sure what I yet just that I want to keep my natural colour I just might add something to it. My hair right now has been plaited last night,  lightly hair sprayed this morning and brushed out then plaited differently and sprayed again. Lol that sounds like a lot of effort but it's really not x
For my hair I want something ombre with a pastel grunge/gothic
sorta look I'll post pictures when its done.

This Pretty hair belongs to magic buffet

Kay, Thanks for our poopy chat xxx

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Water fight and daisy picking weather

Hey, so here the weather has completely changed and for the best, I just hope that it will stay this way. Me, my brother and my neighbours have had some awesome water-fights today. I got completely drenched.

I know daisies are weeds but I have always really liked them as a flower. I can remember in primary we used to go on to the school fields and have competitions to see who could make the longest daisy chain, or sing this song 'Polly had a dolly, who's head popped off' and flick off the head of the daisy. I have always done love me love me not since I can remember too. I have seen lots of pictures of a retro style daisy print jumper. I'm not sure I could wear one in the summer sun but they are really cute. There is a cute pinny at New Look. And a jumper similar to the one in the pictures at missguided

K, seya, Rani Apple