Sunday, 14 April 2013

School,Lizzie and tings...

Well unfortunately, sch-sch-oooh-l is tomorrow.Woah that was hard to type, I hear you gasp at the terrible news.I'm ever so sorry and good luck getting through the day without some Easter eggs or Internet or what ever other think we have to tragically leave behind :c.
Well tomorrow, I have to wear my ugly ass uniform D:
- Black blazer
-Black V-Neck Jumper
-White shirt
-Clip-on Tie
-Black trousers
YAY! HOT! Anyway enough moaning, I have fallen in love with block coloured blazers. I'm actually quite surprised at myself, I swore I'd never wear another blazer in my life outside school. But what can I say they are just to pretty to not wear.
£24.99- H&M
£700- Browns fashion
£526- Style Bop
£58.60- Zara
£35.00- House of Fraser
£124- Ness (I saw this shop in York) :)
                                                        £40- Oasis
                                                                                    £119- Ness
                                                                      £84- Zara
                                                       £273- House of Fraser
                                                       £1,140- My Theresa One Day ;)
I mentioned my friend Lizzie Acorn the other day well she now has a blog so maybe you could check it out. She is in my post Walk in the Woods. Her posts will be about, celebs, music,art, fashion and general life. We will both probably be doing collabs in the future.

You may have heard the song 'Everything At Once' on the Windows 8 video. Well for ages I've been meaning to listen to some of stuff by the 'Windows 8 girl'. 'Windows 8 girl' is called Lenka and I quite like her other stuff.


 CiaOh and have you noticed my new banner and icon :D. I really like it, and it wasn't too hard to make.
Ciao, Rani Apple x

Friday, 12 April 2013

Walk in the Woods

So recently, since the random snow day I have decided to become alot craftier on these past few weeks I've had my craft ONNN!
I crocheted myself some bear/monkey like earwarmers, which are sooo cosy ;).
Then my best friend, Lizzie Acorn, requested some 'but pointy' so from that I made her some cat/fox earwarmers.
 I have also made a white cotton, peter pan collar -which I forgot to take a picture of, oops :L- which is detachable and means I can wear with various outfits :D. Me and my friend Lizzie Acorn had been planning for a while to model my creations and outfits we liked, we didn't go until today, and I really enjoyed myself.

Walk in the Woods
 As you can see Lizzie's outfits are pretty much matched, while mine are just awkward. My skirt actually has little cars and jukeboxes and is by a brand called influence. My cardigan is a charity shop find that my Nana bought me. My stripey top is just a skinny tee from Primark. I bought the jeans and blouse from a T.U sale. :L So yeah I'm really awkward :D
The similar skirt is from River Island.
The nearest blouse I can find.
The floral jeans.
Checked shirt,dungarees, t-shirt and skirt are all from Newlook.
Denim shirt from internacionale.
Sunny G's- sold out x'c.
Squirrel Bag from
My friend Lizzie Acorn might be getting a blog soon :) YAY!
Ciao,Rani Apple x

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Embellished Sunglasses-DIY

Embellished Sunglasses
Let's make some pretty sunglasses, whoooooop!

You will need:

- A handful of pretties :) (diamante, beads, pearls- preferably flat back but I just used normal)
-UHU or some super glue
-*Optional* Tweezers

Before you start plan out where you are going to put everything, probably symmetrical but the choice is yours.
Carefully squeeze out a small amount of glue where you are putting you first embellishment. If your embellishments are small and fiddly maybe you should use tweezers to pick up and place them.

To make these sunglasses I suggest buying some cheap sunglasses mainly just in case they get ruined also why buy some super expensive when you are going to change them x
Maybe get them from somewhere like a goodwill/charity shop or thrift store. :) Mine were £1.99.

Look how jazzed up they are :D


It's not like there's no filter on the before of anything, pffft... no :D. But adding pearls has slightly altered the shape of the frame to more of a cat eyes pair but that's good :P

The glasses in the collage are from, topshop and ASOS, for more information check out my polyvore , in case you don't want to give this a go :c. If you do want to give this a go and don't mind please e-mail your finished pair, I'd love to see.
                                      Ciao, Rani Apple x

A Little Bit Freaky

A Little Bit Freaky
Recently I have been into editing pictures on my tablet. Mirroring and mirroring, effect after effect until it looks like a completly different image. That's a little bit weird and random. I have also noticed in alot of shops in that the design on tops and dresses are very similar to this style. My Polyvore has all the links for the items in the collage above there are also a few at Primark which unfortunatly does not have a website :c. Here are a few of my pictures.

Ciao, yay for little posts, Rani Apple x

DIY- T-shirt Scarf

Today I'd like to show you how to make a quite light weight upcycled scarf. :) My t-shirt is a size 22 and was £2.99 from a charity shop.


You will need :

- A pair of large/fabric scissors
- A knitting needle or a stick
- An unwanted t-shirt (the bigger the better)
-*Optional* Small scrap of leather or contrasting material

First cut closest to armpit to armpit, don't chuck this away you may need it later. x

 Now cut across in the same direction, (make sure you a doing it from closed edge to closed edge) cut about half a centimeter down to the otherside leaving an about 2cm gap.
To cause less hassle later on, stick the needle through the t-shirt and carry on cutting the strips.

Once you have got to the end pick up the work by the needle with on hand and with the other gently tug at the strips so that they curl into little tubes. You may need some one to help you do this. :)

From the rest of the t-shirt you left earlier cut a reasonably long and thick strip.
Holding the strip put your hand through the hole held by the needle.
Now wrap the strip several times around and finish with a neat not and tuck in the ends.

You should now have a long tube :) If you have the optional fabric/leather you can sew a small amount around the other end to stop you scarf getting tangled so easily.
I hope this tutorial isn't confusing at all please let me know if you get stuck and it needs rewording. This DIY is a good one to do on a boring day. If you try this I'd love to see your finished product my e-mail is on the Contact page x
Ciao Rani Apple x