Friday, 28 March 2014

A smell so purdy

Long time no talk. Obviously I am a year older because I started my blog January last year I just forgot to change it from 13-14. It doesn't really feel like a year has passed. It's a bit late but I'm going to tell you a few of my resolutions, try to stay positive, learn to love myself, because last year I was crying myself to sleep at night but I pushed myself to make new friends which turned out great ;). I am going to try to be a lot healthier eat more raw fruit and veg :)
At the beginning of this year I bought my first lush bath bomb
-space girl- which smelt absolutely divine but for ages it just sat on my mantelpiece looking pretty amongst my kiddie junk.
When I had it in my bath it was an explosion of colour and aromas. Anyways here is a set of photos ;) I also recently uploaded an old draft that I felt uncomfortable about uploading at the time Your vibe is ummm nice?
Lily Cole in “So Poetic” By Miles Aldridge For Vogue Italia, August 2006



Buried diamond



 Random overdue post ik but idc...
Rani peeps x

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