Monday, 28 October 2013

eBay wishlist-part 1

Hey macaroni!
So me and eBay have a love hate sort of relationship, I love winning the auctions and bidding slightly higher at a time. But I haven't been on eBay for a while for exactly that reason, as bad as it sounds, if I see something that's cute and reasonably priced I'll bid before asking my mums permission and maybe end up winning something I don't technically have the money for. So today I wrote a checklist of things I would like to find and the idea is to find as many things on the list as I can. That is why I have written things that are probably going to be quite hard to find.
Here's the list, it's quite messy so good luck reading it, :-
yay for doodles!
Okay so let's begin so first on the list is 'cute retro cartoon jumper' by this I mean retro disney jumpers, old time kids cartoon characters, those old magazine knitting patterns with characters on. I'm talking winged sleeves and collared jumpers.
I love the homemade feel of these jumpers and not perfect cartoon characters. These all ranged at about £4.00
Mickey,Mickey,Super Ted
TMNT, Care bear,
Rupert,Mickey, Muppets
So this post is going to be way too long and take up too much time so I've decied to split them into parts.
Ciao Rani Apple x

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